46-In-1 Accessories Kit For GoPro And Other Action Camera

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The package contains: 

  • 1*Selfie stick 
  • 1*Floating Hand Grip 
  • 1*Big size collection box 
  • 1*A model chest band 
  • 2*Length adjustment arm 
  • 1*Flat-Curved Mounts 
  • 5*Long screw 
  • 1*Black Tripod Mount Adapter 
  • 2*3M sticker 
  • 1*Black Buckle Basic 
  • 1*360-degree Rotation Clip with Screw 
  • 1*Nylon Hand Belt 
  • 1*B model head strip 
  • 1*Car Windshield Suction Cup 
  • 1*Insurance Tether Strap 
  • 1*360-degree Rotation, New Wrist Mount with Screw 
  • 1*Octopus Tripod 
  • 1*Floating Sponge 
  • 12*Anti-fog inserts.Reusable 
  • 1*Vented Helmet Strap 
  • 3*Bicycle Handlebar 
  • 1*Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm 


GoPro Accessories combo kit in Bangladesh

If you are looking for an amazing collection of Action Camera Accessories in Bangladesh then you are in right place. Here you will get 46-in-1 Combo pack of Accessories that can be used for almost any kinds of Action camera on this planet. With this useful accessories, you will be able to get the best result from your loved action camera. So, let's check out what we have in this package and how you can use it for your action cameras.

This GoPro or Action Camera kit is compatible with: 

GoPro Hero Series Sj4000 Sj4000 plus Sj5000 Sj6000 Amkov XiaoMi Yi AMK 5000 AMK 5000S DazzneP2 DazzneP3 EKEN H9 FIREFLY 5S FIREFLY 6S GitUp Git1 Git2 Isaw Mobius Polaroid Cube SJ7000 SJCAM 4000 plus SJCAM 5000 plus SJCAM M10 SJCAM M10 Plus SoocooC10 SoocooS60 and all other action cameras.

Note: Containing accessories may slightly vary with different items than the picture.