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Dark Chocolate Artificial Leather Diary Book

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  • Product Type: Diary Book
  • Color: Dark Chocolate
  • Size: Height 7.25" x Wide 11"
  • Main Material: Artificial Leather
  • Country Of Origin: Bangladesh

About Diary Book

A medium-sized desk diary, with lines for hours in the working day. This type may also be called an appointment diary.In stationery, a diary (UK English) or appointment book[1] (US English) is a small book containing a main diary section with a space for each day of the year with room for notes, a calendar, and usually various pages at the beginning and end containing various pieces of reference information, which may include maps and telephone codes, and pages for a short address book at the end. Most diaries are pre-printed for a specific year, which is printed on the cover, with each day's space therefore able to be printed with the day of the week.