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Dove Men Care 100ml

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Dove Men Care
Brand: Dove
Product type: Facial scrub
Net weight: 100ml

It is said that health is wealth. To be healthy and fit, you need to take care of your body. To be fit you definitely should keep your body sound. Being a gentleman, you have to spend most of the time outside your home at the place of your profession. You better not use chemical ones. We know that you are thinking about from where to collect all these items of grooming for your wellness.

Habits Of Well-Groomed Men

Thou shalt cleanse and moisturize daily.
Preferably twice. Seek out a signature scent (but don’t overspray it).
Manage your facial hair. Exfoliate twice a week.
Tame your feet. Groom in your sleep.
Sunscreen is not just for sunny days.

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