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  1. Leader Heavy Duty 200Ah IPS Battery
  2. Leader Heavy Duty 165Ah IPS Battery
  3. Long WP26-12NB Sealed Rechargeable 12V 26AH IPS Battery
  4. Sukam 600VA 4th Gen Processor ATC Technology Electric IPS
  5. Ensysco IPS 200VA with Hamko Battery
  6. Ultra Violate Water Purifier
  7. Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier 50GPD
  8. 50 GPD RO Water Purifier System
  9. Kent Ultra UV Economical Water Purifier 3-Stage Processing
  10. Panasonic Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator (NR-BW415V)
  11. Panasonic 2 Door Frost Free Upper Deep Fridge (NR-BK265S/266)
  12. Panasonic Magic Top Refrigerator (NR-BK305SE)
  13. Panasonic Frost Free Refrigerator (NR-BT262M)
  14. Panasonic Single Door Refrigerator (NR-AF172SN)
  15. Panasonic 3D Sensor Washing Machine (NA-148VG3)
  16. Panasonic Foam Wash Washing Machine (NA-F62B1)
  17. Panasonic Washing And Dryer Machines (NA-F75B3)
  18. Panasonic Semi-Auto Twin Tub Washing Machine (NA-W8000)
  19. Full Auto Washing Machine By Sharp (ES-Q75EW-G)
  20. Panasonic Single Split Air Conditioner (CS-S13PKH)
  21. General 2.0 Ton Split Air Conditioner ABG-24ABA
  22. General 3 Ton Split Air Conditioner ABG-36ABA
  23. General 2.0 Ton Wall Type Air Conditioner ASGA-24FUTBZ
  24. General 4 Ton Split Air Conditioner ABG-45ABA
  25. Wicon 32 Inch HDMI / VGA Slim HD LED Television
  26. Starx 32 Inch HD Wall Mountable 178° Viewable LED Television
  27. View One 40" Mega Contrast HDMI / USB Full HD LED Television
  28. View One 32" Android Full HD Smart Internet Television
  29. Vezio DM2100S 32 Inch Full HD Android Smart LED Television
  30. Eyecon 32 Inch Curved Display Built-in Speaker HD LED TV
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