Electrical & Hardware

  1. Panasonic Rubberized Wheel Vacuum Cleaner (MC-CG677)
  2. Panasonic Compact Ultra-Light Canister Vacuum (MC-CG301)
  3. Gala Brushtile Hardy Brush
  4. Gala 2-In-1 Double Hockey Toilet Brush
  5. Phillips Vacuuming And Mopping System (FC-7088)
  6. Sonoff S26 WiFi Smart Plug For Smart Home (UK PLUG, 10A, 2200W)
  7. Mobile Controlled WiFi Smart Socket (Broadlink SP2, UK Plug, 13A)
  8. Power Strip With 2 USB Port (Huntkey, SZM 307)
  9. Original Xiaomi Smart Power Strip (Mobile Controlled, WiFi Enabled, 6 Ports)
  10. Philips 2-Feet UV Ultraviolet Color Viewing Tube Light Bulb
  11. Remax LS-8903 Milk Series USB LED Desk Light
  12. VonHaus Dynamo LED Emergency Light with USB Charging
  13. Portable Three Mode Bright White LED Light Lantern Lamp
  14. Xiaomi Yeelight Motion Sensor Rechargeable Nightlight
  15. PHILIPS Canister Vacuum Cleaner (1,800W)
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