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Panasonic Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker (SR-MG-182)

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  • Keep warm up to 12 hrs
  • Diamond fluorine coated
  • Fuzzy Logic technology
  • Charcoal-finished inner pan
  • Quick Cook Function
  • 1.8 L Capacity
  • 1 Year warranty

Description of Panasonic Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker (SR-MG-182):

This is Panasonic MICOM Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-MG182. This model has a big 1.8 Liter (10 cups of uncooked rice) capacity and it is good for 1-10 persons meal. This is an unique cooker that is design to cook the perfect rice. It has 24 hours memory timer and able to keep warm the rice for continuous 12 hours. It can cook white rice, brown rice and porridge and with steaming function.

Features of Panasonic Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker (SR-MG-182):

Microcomputer & Double Heater System make baking cake easy.
Diamond fluorine coated
Charcoal (binchotan)-finished pan
Fuzzy Logic (Micro-computerized) Technology
Charcoal-finished inner pan with all dimpled surface
Thermo Sensor
Taste Catcher
Detachable inner lid
Small Amount White Rice Cooking Mode

Specifications of Panasonic Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker (SR-MG-182):

Brand: Panasonic
Model: SR-MG182
Color: White
Type: Cookers
Power: 835 w
Capacity: 1.8 L
Origin: Thailand
Weight: 2.68 Kg
Warranty: 1 Year