SAUDI 4T SAE 20W50 1L 852132

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Applications/ Benefits:

Reduces engine wear and extends engine life
Protects engine under severe operating
Retards harmful deposit formation on vital
Protects against rust and corrosion.

Product details:

Saudi Motorcycle engine oil:

Saudi MX Ultra 4T motorcycle oil is a multi-grade lubricant designed for four-stroke motorcycle engines. It contains a balanced blend of a specially selected synthetic base, high viscosity index base stocks and a special proprietary additive package. Saudi MX Ultra 4T motorcycle oil is engineered to provide unsurpassed wear protection, engine cleanliness and oxidation resistance, as well as consistent viscosity. Saudi MX Ultra 4T is a powerful detergent type of motor oil. It can be used in most 4T engines.

Attention: Empty container may contain product residue. Including flammable or explosive vapors. Do no cut, Puncture or weld on or near containers. This container can not be reused to store food of drinking water.

CAUTION: Avoid skin contact wash thoroughly after contact.

Protect Environment: Taking care when disposing of used product.