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Spy Button Video Camera 32 GB Memory Card Supported

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  • Photo Resolution: 1280*1024
  • Built-in MIC: Yes
  • Ports: Micro USB
  • Recommended Range for Audio: 1 - 3 Meters

This is an amazing quality device framed as abeautiful cased pen, the 32GB Spy Camera Pen is an ideal product for the moderngeneration. The device looks just like any other pen but is actually set with ahidden camera that can be perfectly used for spying purposes.

Apart from that, this 32GB Spy Camera Pen isgreat to carry to capture images of all the things that you need as well asyour documents. It has also been powered to capture clear videos while on thego.

This unusual pen is provided with a micro-camrecorder which is small, sleek and very light in weight. Unlike other camerasyou don’t need to plan before taking it along, the spy pen camera is pocketfriendly and can be carried along with you throughout the day.

Other Features

32GB Card DVR Camera Video Recorder Pen builtwith a high resolution lensmicro strong li-ion battery and a stantard USB 2.0port. This mini pen comes with a camera capable of audio and video recording.Just press the covert button on the pen and record all the action. Functioningperfectly as an actual pen it is virtually undetectable and great for secretsurveillance use.

How to use

1. Power ON: A. Press the button pen 2-3seconds. B. When indicator is bright and then go into a standby Mode.
2. Take Photograph: A.Press the button instandby mode, then yellow indicator flash off and long bright,this shows asuccessful photograph. B.You can make another short press and photograph
3. Video: A.Press the button 2-3 seconds instandby mode. B.When yellow indicator flash twice and light off and then gointo a video mode. C.Press shortly is PAUSE,, D- Press and hold the buttonuntil the lights flash twice
4. Power off.