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Xiaomi Dr. Bei Toothbrush – Youth Version

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  • Brand: Xiaomi Doctor B
  • Product: Toothbrush
  • Color: White, Gray(Optional)
  • Material: PP
  • Product Weigh: Approx. 11g(one piece)
  • Product Size:  Approx. 18.6*1.2cm/7.32*0.47in

The Doctor B Toothbrush is focus on oral care to design its details, simple appearance and good brushing effect, care for the gums.   

- Soft blush hair, 0.01mm, gentle care for the gums.
- Nickel silver plated hair, to keep the hair clean, no easily breed bacteria.
- Lightweight and considerate handle. 
- 45° to clean the gingival sulcus in your teeth.
- Simple design, considerate small head, comfortable and protect your oral health